I'm so glad you're here.


3 before breakfast

I'm not as ambitious as Lewis Carroll's queen, but I've decided to do three impossible things before tomorrow's breakfast. I'm especially interested in the intersection of Jesus' teachings and politics. You can follow me (and join me) as I do my best to speak up and take action. Also, check out my trauma-informed Bible full of nonviolent stories for preschoolers and youth Sunday school lessons on faith and science.


table by teresa

I'm a bit of a board game freak. It all started when I had little kids and getting out of the house wasn't so easy. Now I play games, occasionally review games, and make games with my husband, Andrew.


bookish me

I'm working on my first novel, which has the working title Anariya’s Refusal. It's a very loose retelling of The Princess & the Pea. It's about a slave girl and the prince who falls for her, which won't go over well with his mother. If you'd like to be a beta reader, click that little button.