Me in my old newsroom

Me in my old newsroom

About Me

I'm Teresa Jackson.

I’m first and always a writer.

My mission  is to make board games — even complicated ones — approachable for everyone. Everyone who's interested, anyway.

You won't find lots of gamer jargon here, but you will find my opinions on games — both good and bad.

I started playing board games seriously around 2013, the time my husband and I began doing foster care. Finding baby-sitters isn't as simple as hiring the teenager across the street, so we started staying home. After the kids went to bed, we would play games.

We got bored with our games pretty quickly (pun not intended, but not avoided, either), and we started adding to our collection. We found we could buy a game for the price of an evening out, and we'd have something permanent.

I worked in print journalism for more than a decade, and I bore easily. So I started writing about games, and then I started making videos about them.

Why I Love Board Games

Games are a way to connect in the age of the screen. We sit together. We laugh. We curse the dice (or each other), and we talk.

They stretch our brains and make us feel smart.

They're a tactile and visual experience. The best games are beautiful and fun to play with.

I am a problem solver by nature, so games just fit.

Games also reveal the character of other people and make me think about my own. They embarrass me occasionally, too.

But mostly, they're fun. I mean, they're games, right?

Why the snarky British woman in the videos?

The Unhappy Gamer

I suppose "she amuses me" isn't enough, is it?

I don't think of myself as particularly funny, but I do have a quirky side. This bored woman from the Regency period of England allows me to bring out the sarcastic me without hurting anyone's feelings.

Why her? I was looking for a woman who looked bored and English, and she fit.

Why English? Because the only other accent I can do is Southern, and I figured that might be offensive. But an American doing a bad English accent just sounds ignorant or pathetic. I'll take it.

I looked to the Regency because of Jane Austen's Dreams.