Thirteen-year-old Jane Austen is dreaming of the novels she will write. You are one of her seven heroines, trying to develop your story so that she will wake up and write you into existence first. Jane Austen's Dreams is a two- to five-player strategy game for ages 13 and up. (We're working on an expansion, too.)

It's designed by me (Teresa) and my husband, Andrew. We keep working on it, but I think it's about done on our end. We are not looking to Kickstart the game. We're hoping for a publisher to put their love (and artwork) into it.

And it took third place in the 2017 Cardboard Edison Award design contest! We're so excited and honored to be included among such amazing-looking games.

You'll navigate your way through scenes from all six of Miss Austen's published novels, collecting story tokens from heroes, and scoundrels. You'll move them with you on a map of locations from the novels so you can answer invitations from the likes of Mr. Bennet, Harriet Smith, the not-so-nice Isabella Thorpe, and more.

You'll likely end the game trying to get married or making your way to Chawton Cottage, where you can stay single and write away your days just as Jane Austen did.

Along the way, you may cringe as your hero entertains bad girls, or you may find consolation with particular friends, or perhaps by flirting with a scoundrel or someone else's hero.

The choices are yours.

Here are four sample turns:


If you're a publisher interested in Jane Austen's Dreams, please contact Teresa. I'd love to talk to you!

An updated rulebook will be available soon.