Free Music Fridays ... on Sunday: Slospeak Records Sampler

It is perhaps not a good sign that it is still January and I already missed a Free Music Friday. In my defense, my two toddlers both have the flu. Mama work took over, but I have a few free tunes for you now. I promise they will be worth the wait.

It would be easy to miss Slospeak Records' sampler Slospeak in the Sky With Diamonds Vol. 1 on NoiseTrade. But you shouldn't.

The four-song album was recorded live by four bands I'd never heard of: Fever Fever, Talkie, Golden Youth, and Ravenhill.

The first song, "Hypnotized," is by Fever Fever (although you have to go to the company's website to be sure).

It's a bittersweet song about falling in love with the wrong person, and staying even though you know that person's "trance turns right into wrong."

"Lavos" by Talkie comes next.  It starts ethereal and quickly becomes raw, both in the vocals and the guitar, which keeps driving the song. It will haunt you. In a good way.

Golden Youth's "Where's Your Heart Gone" is the right mix of country-inspired but not quite country vocals with slide. The lyrics are a reminder not let your head win. But it's Stephanie Lauren Smith's vocals that carry the lovely melody.

"Witches" is a sharp contrast from Ravenhill. The blues tune is half rock anthem, half social commentary. And the fun of the sound — and this is a fun song — belies the seriousness of the lyrics. The juxtaposition is interesting, but I like it.

I read that Slospeak Records is an indie Christian label. If this is the future of Christian music, I am much relieved.

As always, don't trust me. You can download these songs for free by providing your email. And you can listen to the full tracks without doing that.