Free Music Fridays: Youth

For lots of free songs this week, check my post at News for Shoppers. Here's my pick.

Discovering this artist, Youth, made me feel old, and not because of his name.

I listened watched the video to the song and thought this kid — he's 22 but he looks younger, at least to me — had amazing depth for his age.

I checked out his website and discovered that his name is Julian Dente. Which got me thinking. Could this be the son of Christine and Scott Dente, also known as Out of the Grey, also known as one of my favorite bands ever?

I read an interview, and sure enough, he is. Hence my feelings of oldness. I've been listening to his parents since their first album came out in 1991, long before artists could promote their music via streaming, and a couple of years before Julian was born.

I discovered them on a sampler cassette I got while buying something else that wasn't as good. I don't remember what that was, but it couldn't possibly have been as good.

Sorry, Julian. You probably live in the shadow of your parents enough.

But to my readers out there, Youth is an artist in his own right. His parents' musical influence is only evident in his skill, in his songwriting, and in his ability to render a song with just the right amount of emotion.

Give "Breathing Easy" a listen. You won't be sorry. It's free, but you'll be asked to give your email address.