Video: One Zero One Review

Here are my thoughts about One Zero One, along with the basic gameplay. If you'd rather read, you can do that here.

But don't trust me. Lots of other people like One Zero One.

Rahdo called it a "neat, neat game" that's "very evocative." He played it before the game was Kickstarted, and the designer obviously took some of his advice.

Chalk Board Game Reviews said, "It just works. ... I had a lot of fun playing it."

Bowser's Game Corner also liked it, although he didn't like the expansion cards. "One Zero One is a fantastic two-player game that should be on your shelf ...," he said.

I could only find one negative review, but it was from the esteemed Tom Vasel. I'm not sure why Tom hated this game so much, except that it obviously wasn't the game he was hoping for.

It was exactly the game I was hoping for. I think One Zero One delivers.